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موضوع: یک دایره المعارف جدید و کامل برای همه گوشی ها !

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    118 یک دایره المعارف جدید و کامل برای همه گوشی ها !

    سلام دوستان.
    امروز یک دایره المعارف بسیار کامل و جدید با نام MobileReference Encyclopedia v9.6 رو براتون آماده کردم.

    این برنامه روی اکثر گوشی ها نظیر S60v1, S60v2, S60v3, S80, S90 & UIQ قابل استفاده هست.


    The Concise English Encyclopedia for Smartphone, BlackBerry, and PDA. Over 70,000 articles carefully checked for accuracy and completeness by a team of experts.


    Over 70,000 articles carefully checked for accuracy and completeness by a team of experts.
    People, History, Literature, Business, Biology, Engineering, Chemicals, Animals and plants, Actors and Actresses, Music bands and albums, Movies, Military equipment, Medical terminology – we would not be able to list all subjects covered by this encyclopedia.
    Intuitive navigation: just start typing in the word - the list of available articles is updated automatically.
    No memory card? - No problem. You do not need a memory card to load this Encyclopedia. The Encyclopedia only takes about 9MB and will load into main memory of your Smartphone, BlackBerry or PDA. You can also load the Encyclopedia on the memory card.
    The Encyclopedia is based on Wikipedia, the largest collection of reference work in the history of human knowledge. To keep the file size manageable we have only included the abstracts from each article

    MobiPocket Reader Setup:
    1. To read this book you will need to download the Free MobiPocket Reader from MobiPocket, the Amazon.com company. You can install the Reader directly to your handheld. However, we recommend that you install the MobiPocket Desktop Reader first

    اول باید MobiPocket Reader Setup رو از صفحه زیر بگیرید:


    When you connect the handheld to the desktop PC, the MobiPocket Desktop Reader automatically detects the handheld and installs an appropriate software on the handheld.

    3. Open the e-Book file from the MobiPocket Desktop Reader. Click the Send button to send the e-Book from the desktop PC to the handheld.

    4. Alternative (use this method if you do not have a Windows PC or if you want to download the Reader from your handheld over the air): You can download the Free MobiPocket Reader directly to your handheld. Click on the link above and select your handheld OS.[/align]

    توضیحات دیگر:

    US: New York | Boston | Chicago | Las Vegas | Los Angeles | Miami | San Francisco | Seattle | Washington, DC | US National Parks
    Europe: FREE 20 Language Phrasebook | Amsterdam | Barcelona | Berlin | Dresden | Florence | Greece | London | Madrid | Milan | Moscow | Munich | Paris | Portugal | Prague | Rome | Spain | St. Petersburg | Venice | Vienna | Zurich
    Other: Israel | Montreal | Shanghai | Sydney


    General: Human Anatomy and Physiology | Cell Biology | Pharmacology | Medical Abbreviations and Terminology | Nutrition | Nursing and Physical Assessment


    Human Nervous System | Neurophysiology | Neurochemistry | Psychology
    Biochemistry: FREE Periodic Table of Elements | Biochemistry | Organic Chemistry | Chemistry | Neurochemistry


    Biology: Biology | Cell Biology | Human Anatomy and Physiology | Psychology
    Chemistry: FREE Periodic Table of Elements | Chemistry | Organic Chemistry | Biochemistry | Neurochemistry
    Neurobiology: Human Nervous System | Neurophysiology | Neurochemistry | Psychology | Pharmacology
    Math: Algebra | Calculus | Geometry | Linear Algebra | Statistics | Trigonometry
    Physics and Engineering: FREE Weights and Measures - Units Conversion | Physics


    Social Science: Philosophy | Psychology | Sociology | Art History | World Religions
    Art: Art History | Greek and Roman Mythology
    Law: US Constitution and Government | US Patent, Copyright, and Trademark Laws
    Languages: English | Rhetoric and Composition


    History: Art History Guide | Greek and Roman Mythology | World Religions | U.S. History | European History
    Biography and People: American Presidents | Kings and Queens of England | 100 Most Influential People of All Times | 100 Richest People in the World


    The Illustrated Holy Bible: King James | American Standard Version | World English Bible (Modern Translation)
    Reference: World Religions


    Home and Personal: Feng Shui Guide | Chinese Astrology | Art of Palm Reading | Chess Guide
    Cooking: Cookbook | Cocktails and Drinking Games | Diet Guide[/pre]

    لینک های دانلود:

    بخش اول:

    http://rapidshare.com/files/10167759...art1.rarبخش دوم:

    http://rapidshare.com/files/10214697....rarRapidShare URL Part 1:

    Rapidshare URL Part 2:

    MegaUpload URL Part 1:

    http://www.megaupload.com/?d=K8LGPKR0MegaUpload URL Part 2:


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